How Mineral Makeup is a breath of fresh skin for the Spring Season!

How Mineral Makeup is a breath of fresh skin for the Spring Season!

Did you know that makeup can be an extension to your skincare routine? Yes, there’s makeup out there that’s actually beneficial for your skin and it's called Mineral Makeup.

But first, let's chat about your current makeup routine. Yep, we get it. Foundation is a personal choice and we all have a favourite. One that creates a complexion that we love so much we ignore that it might be causing more harm than good for our skin. Visually, it looks amazing, but did you know that your skin is able to absorb kilograms of chemicals each year from our makeup? With that being said, when picking your makeup make sure to steer clear of cheap fillers such as talc, artificial perfumes and comedogenic oils. These nasties will clog up your pores and increase the risk of sensitivities. Think of putting cling wrap all around your face. A suffocating thought right? Well, that’s practically what you’re doing to your skin each time you apply a foundation that isn’t mineral based. 

A good quality and well formulated mineral makeup contains natural ingredients that are GOOD for your skin! Pure mineral makeup allows your skin to BREATHE! It acts like a second skin by excreting toxins, absorbing moisture, providing high levels of UVA/UVB protection and providing a physical barrier to environmental damage.

Our top picks:

  1. Synergie Mineral Whip Foundation - this cream foundation provides flawless coverage and physical sunscreen protection. Coverage is buildable, so it’s extremely versatile. Use a minimal amount for a light look, add more for a full coverage. It contains Squalene; rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients and Zinc which boosts the immune system and helps to treat all inflammatory skin conditions.


Above: Before 


Above: After Synergie Mineral Makeup (colour is Cappuccino) 


  1. Image I Conceal Flawless Foundation - if you’re after a dewy look, you will fall in love with this mineral based foundation! Seriously, the glow is real! Liquid in texture and extremely smooth blending, leaving a full coverage finish. It contains plant stem cells, antioxidants and conditioning botanicals to nourish the skin. 

Above: Before Image I Conceal Flawless Foundation 

Above: After Image I Conceal Flawless Foundation (colour is Beige)

Make the executive spring cleaning decision to switch to mineral makeup, your skin will thank you for it :)