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  An Australian made and owned cosmeceutical company dedicated to the long term health & vitality of your skin. 

Why should I choose mineral makeup over traditional makeup?

Did you know our skin is able to absorb KILOGRAMS of chemicals each year from our makeup? 

Have you ever checked the ingredients in your makeup to see what kind of chemicals are in constant contact with your skin every single day?

When picking your makeup make sure to steer clear of artificial dyes, cheap fillers such as talc, artificial perfumes & comedogenic oils. These nasties will clog up your pores & increase the risk of sensitivities. 

Mineral makeup contains natural ingredients that, when formulated correctly, are good for your skin!  

Pure mineral makeup allows the skin to BREATHE!

It acts like a second skin by excreting toxins, absorbing moisture, providing high levels of UVA & UVB protection & providing a physical barrier to environmental damage. 

And this is why we have fallen in love with Synergie!

    See the difference with MineralWhip 4 in 1 Foundation!

    • 4 in 1 cream foundation (primer, concealer, protector, mineral makeup)
    • SPF 40+ (Physical Sunscreen)
    • Provides flawless coverage and natural protection with 40% mineral sunscreen
    • Significant levels of iron oxide
    • Squalene: Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins & Nutrients 
    • Boosts the immune system and helps treat all inflammatory skin conditions 

    Also stocking Eyebrite, Hydromatt Mineral Setting Powder, HydroBlush, HydroBronze, Luminiser Highlighting Powder, Magnifeye Eyeliner Pot, VitaLash Volumising Mascara & Envirosheild.