6 Hot Skincare Tips For Summer – Lets GLOW!

6 Hot Skincare Tips For Summer – Lets GLOW!

Summer is here and the sun is packing a whole new punch. Your wardrobe is changing; the clothes you’re wearing are becoming a little bit more lightweight…and so should our skincare! It’s noticeably hotter, so we’re bound to sweat more making our skin oilier. The sun is at its peak which may mean we notice our skin becoming more dehydrated from spending time outdoors followed by cooling down around that saviour air conditioning system. We have the added threat of breaking out or getting sunburnt, yikes! So how do we minimise these chances? Here’s our hot (pun intended) take!

  • SPF above everything: this is the #1 priority on your skincare to do list…always! It’s fundamental that you keep your SPF game strong and don’t leave home without it. Apply it to all areas that are exposed to the suns cheeky rays and don’t forget to reapply after 2 hours. Protecting your skin from the sun is uber important to prevent premature ageing and skin cancer. Read more about the importance of SPF here. Our favourites? You can check them out here.
  • Moisturise: We get it, you’re sweaty and you’re feeling extra shiny. But please don’t be tempted to skip the moisturiser. Using a lightweight moisturiser will make your skin less greasy. We want to keep that moisture in and by hydrating both inside (keep that H2O intake up) and outside (by moisturising) you’ll be protecting your skin from external factors and keeping that skin barrier STRONG! We love Prevention + Matte Moisturiser because it doubles as both a moisturiser and SPF.
  • Get that daily dose of Vitamin C: This ingredient is important all year round but especially essential in Summer. By using a Vitamin C serum, you’ll be feeding your skin yummy antioxidants and preventing the risk of free radical damage and hyperpigmentation. Plus, enjoy the bonus benefit of assisting collagen production and improving fine lines. Use in the AM after cleansing and before moisturising. Dose me up baby! Wrap your handles around our limited edition Sunsmart Squad Duo – Effica-C Serum & Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturiser to tick SPF, Moisturiser & Serum of your Summer Skincare list.
  • Selfcare with a Mask: There’s nothing your skin will love more than a skin quenching mask after your time in the sun. Let your skin drink up that moisture with a hydrating mask and unveil that glow. We’re loving delicious smelling Image Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque.
  • Last but certainly not least; wash your face: Make this a ritual in your brushing teeth or shower routine and after exercise. Morning and evening, cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. This will help prepare your skin for the products to follow and rid your skin of any dirt, debris, oil and makeup that’s built up during the day. Skipping your cleansing routine will lead to clogged pores and ain’t nobody got time for that! We're loving Aspect Gentle Clean and Image Ormedic Balancing Cleanser. 

In which order do I apply?

A great way to remember is go from lights to heaviest. Cleanse, (mask 1x week), serum, moisturise, SPF.

And that's a wrap, now you're ready to GLOW out and enjoy this beautiful season for all that it offers!