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Vital Transfer Face 50ml

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Formulated for mature skins that show signs of a low level of estrogen. Phyto-estrogen binds to skin receptors, thus activate the fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and other skin cells to produce collagen and elastin, boosting skin repair and improving skin quality.

Vital Transfer contains Genistein; a phytoestrogen found in soy, clover, and hops with a structure that mimics estrogen. It behaves as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory as well as a collagen producer.

The Vital Transfer Face Cream will help to reduce extreme dryness, loss of density, thickness and elasticity, easily irritated skin, and age spots


- combats the negative effects of menopause on the skin.
- improves blood blow and strengthens the capillaries.
- nourishes and reinforces the skins barrier.
- reduces melanin production.
- softens and strengthens the skin.
- normalises oil production.

Suitable for

- those experiencing peri menopausal
- those in menopause or who have already gone through it

DO NOT USE: if you are being treated for breast cancer.

How to use

Apply in the AM and PM. Use under Synchro cream. It is highly recommended that Vital Transfer use is ongoing.


- Genistein A phyto-oestrogen (plant hormone), soya, hops: mimics oestrogen in the skin, soothes, nourishes and increases collagen production.
- Essential fatty acids; evening primrose oil, luffa and almond: soothes and nourishes the skin, increases water levels and encourages a healthy cell membrane and barrier function.
- Minerals and peptides; calcium, peptides and marine algae: regulates cell turnover and improves cell communication
- Plant extracts; witch hazel and butcher broom: improves blood flow and nutritional uptake to cells.

    Vital Transfer Face 50ml

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    Tanya Molnar

    Vital Transfer Face 50ml

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