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Nimue Purifier Day (Biome) 50ml

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This mattifying, fast absorbing cream is lightweight and suited for the control and management of oily, congested and inflamed problematic skin conditions.

The Purifier Day is part of the new purifying range which uses pre and post biotics plus active ingredients to counteract the root causes of problematic skin. The products minimise disruption of the skin barrier with the introduction of unique Dermabiotics, Acids, vitamin B3 and Tea Tree Oil to regulate sebum production, reduce bacterial overgrowth,calm inflamed skin and re-establish a healthy microbial balance. The result is clarified, calm and healthy skin.


    - Targets all causes of acne
    - Prevents further development of acne and scarring
    - Controls and maintains the level of good and bad bacteria on the skin
    - Balances the skin microbiome
    - Lightly exfoliates, improving skin texture
    - Calms, reduces inflammation and redness
    - Reduces pore size
    - Helps regulate sebaceous activity and breakouts
    - Reduces surface oil
    - Mattifies the skin
    - Repairs the skin barrier
    - Hydrates

    Suitable for

    oily, congested and inflamed problematic skin conditions.

    How to use

    Use AM only

    Apply to a clean, dry skin after Nimue Cleanser and Conditioner. Massage into the skin. Can be used around the eye and neck area. Follow with a Nimue prescribed SPF product. Avoid sun exposure


    Key Ingredients

    - Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) (repairs and reduces inflammation)
    - Postbiotic – Morinda Citrifolia Callus Culture
    - Lysate (denatures harmful bacteria)
    - Prebiotic – Inulin and Yoghurt Powder (provides nutrition for healthy bacteria)
    - 2.5% Glycolic Acid (exfoliation and renewal)
    - Bisabolol (anti-inflammatory)
    - Lacto Complex (balances oil secretions)
    - Encapsulated Tea Tree Oil (anti-bacterial and soothing action)
    - Dimethyl Isosorbate (penetration enhancer)

      Nimue Purifier Day (Biome) 50ml

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