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Myo Myoso Toning & Lifting Cream 30ml

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Intensive smoothing cream

As we age our facial muscles begin to deteriorate. Myo Myoso provides the nutritional elements that are essential for strengthening and maintaining the muscles of the face. This firming cream reinforces the elasticity of your skin, and smoothes away wrinkles. Apply the cream each morning to relax your lines and give your face a new vigor.  


- Helps with muscle contraction and maintaining skin firmness.
- Has an instant lifting effect
- Brings nutrition to the muscle
- Stimulates fibroblasts synthesis, improves skin tone
- Soothing and smoothing

Suitable for

- Anyone from their mid twenties wishing to maintain the firmness and muscle tone of their skin
- Those wishing to firm and tone around the eyes and brow bone
- Those wishing to maintain a youthful jawline and neck
- Those who are loosing muscle tone and wish to prevent further loss of firmness

How to use

In the morning apply to the entire face and neck by light strokes focusing on any wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, neck and facial contours. Follow with other Gernetic Treatment Creams and always finish with Synchro or Cytobi.


- Phytostimulines derived from Witch Hazel, Hops and Wheatgerm; aka the plant version of an anti histamine! Delivers nutrition and stimulates production of collagen and hyaluronic in the skin.
- Amino Acid Cysteine, Methionine, Ornithine and Leucine: Antioxidants that improve skin elasticity and myosin production
- Soluble Marine Collagen: Hydrating.
- Vitamins A, B, C & H (Biotin): Soothing antioxidants.
- Avocado Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids.
- Palmitol Pentapeptide: Cellular messenger that stimulates collagen.

    Myo Myoso Toning & Lifting Cream 30ml

    Customer Reviews

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    Trust me, it really work and it's a miracle cream!

    Skin Type Super Dry
    Skin Tone Medium

    my skin became extremely dry. No cream I bought would work and my mid day my skin will show dry flaky patches that were itchy as anything. After the first application my face looked rested and by the end of the week it was glowing. All my dry patches are gone and my skin loves this cream.

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