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Macro 2000 Nutritive Cream 90ml

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Bust Nutritive Cream

Macro 2000 optimises the harmony, the firmness and the elasticity of the bust. Macro 2000 brings fundamental nutrition for the bust tissues with an expertly balanced blend of 8 essential amino acids. A synergy of extract of horsetail, rich in organic silica, myrrh, sage, burdock and thyme and extracts of spirulina and chlorella rich in proteins.


  • This treatment will benefit women who need a bust development treatment, bust lifting.
  • It supplies essential nutrition through the skin.
  • It stimulates metabolism
  • It increases cellular respiration
  • It increases production of collagen
  • It restructures elastin fibres
  • All the above actions will result in increased bust tone and firmness.
  • Bust treatments with GERNETIC products are not suggested for women who had a hysterectomy or are menopausal.
  • In such cases the effects of the bust treatments are going to be minimal. 

    Macro 2000 supplies essential nutrition, synergising the synthesis of amino acids, vitamins
    and trace elements. These nutritional molecules optimize the harmony, the fullness and the elasticity of the breast tissues.

    Suitable for

    Recommended for all women who wish to keep or
    restore the beauty of their breasts or to enhance
    their firmness and harmony.

    How to use

    Morning and/or Evening:
    Macro 2000 can be used daily after the application of Seino. Apply 1/4 teaspoon all over the bust area and massage it in gently with light upwards strokes


    - Active ingredients from the biotechnology of
    soy containing 2 amphiphilic palmitoyl biopeptides, one with glycyl, histidyl and lysine
    that are fundamental for collagen renewal and
    the second one, an elastic peptide, made of
    valyl, glycyl, alanyl, prolyl and glycine that are
    fundamental for elastin renewal: Stimulates cellular metabolism and dermal collagen synthesis. Restructures the elastic fibres and boosts the multiplication of fibroblasts. Increases muscle tone and firmness of the bust.
    - Vitamin B9 folic acid, vitamin E a-tocopherol,
    selenium and histidine: Fundamental nutrition for healthy bust tissues.
    - A balanced blend of 8 essential amino acids: Optimises the health and beauty of the breast.
    - A synergy of extracts of horsetail, rich in organic
    silicon, myrrh, sage, burdock and thyme: Remineralizing, toning and antiseptic. Extracts from spirulina and chlorella rich in proteins.
    Increases tone and firmness.

      Macro 2000 Nutritive Cream 90ml

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