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GERnétic Tenseur Flash: Box of 7 ampoules for mature skin

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Box of 7 ampoules to reverse the signs of ageing and regain vitality with these youth-inducing ampoules. A flash toning treatment of highly-concentrated actives, the results are immediate, long-lasting, and extraordinary.

Potent Age Reversing Ampoules for Mature Skin

Youth in a phial, these glass ampoules are carefully crafted with a high concentration of Honey Locust seeds, Biomimetic Peptides, and Kigelia Fruit. Improving skin immunity and functions, triggering a tensor effect for firmness and lift, and fighting against damage and signs of ageing, this potent treatment will create smooth, hydrated, healthy skin that appears airbrushed.



- Honey Locust seeds trigger a tensor effect, creating firm, toned skin.
- Biomimetic Peptides known as the youth hormone of the peptide world interact with the skin’s natural growth factors to reverse the signs of ageing, and promote collagen and elastin production.
- Kigelia Fruit rich in flavonoids and saponosides, tone and firm the skin, fighting free radical damage and signs of ageing.
- Immediate results are noticed, as the depth of wrinkles is reduced.
- The skin is smooth, supple, lifted, and firm.
- Flash toning acts on immunity cells, reduced inflammation and strengthening functions.
- Regeneration and restructuring properties are enhanced.

Suitable for

all skin types over the age of 40.

How to use

Insert the phial breaker to break the ampoule and push the nipple on to the head of the bottle. Apply the concentrate on the whole face and neck, with a light massage. Follow with day or night cream.


Key Ingredients
- Honey Locust
- Biomimetic Peptides
- Kigelia Fruit

    GERnétic Tenseur Flash: Box of 7 ampoules for mature skin

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Gernetic ampoules for mature skin

    These ampoules are amazing, my skin feels smoother, softer and looks younger. I will be buying more of these.

    Catherine Romano

    Love GERnetic

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