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3 Step Set Pack | Skin Vitality Starter Bag | Glyco 50ml, Fibro 50ml & Synchro 30ml

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Discover the benefits of Gernétic with their number one selling set.  Be wowed by the results Gernétic will achieve.


Glyco cleans the skin deeply. It is perfect to eliminate make up and impurities. Glyco induces a mild dead cells desquamation, encouraging cellular renewal. It hydrates and softens keratinised dry dull skins.

Fibro completes the cleansing process of Glyco.
It re-balances the skin pH. Fibro can also be used alone to clean the skin in the morning. It is ideal to remove mascara. Decongesting, anti-inflammatory, toning, astringent and refreshing.

Synchro was originally developed for skin burns. It has unrivalled regenerating and healing capabilities. It regulates skin functions and restores its natural defence system.

Suitable for

All skin types. Avoid Glyco Cleanser on acne skin.

How to use

STEP 1: Cleanse

This smooth, refreshing make-up remover, rich in milk glyco-proteins will delicately eliminate all traces of make-up. Its rich composition enhances its cleansing action, bringing comfort and softness, leaving your skin clear, smooth, hydrated and clean.

STEP 2: Fibro

This is the ideal complement to the Glyco cleanser to complete cleansing by removing the last traces of make up and dead cells which dull your complexion. Using a cotton pad, use the Fibro lotion (guaranteed alcohol-free and with its rich complex synergy of plants to control the pH of your skin) purifies your complexion giving it a renewed, vigorous, bright freshness.


Ideally use morning and night to feed the skin. Scoop a pea sized amount out and place into the pads of your fingers. Gently warm up the cream between the pads of your fingers on both hands and then pat all over the face, eyes and neck. This will deliver it everywhere first then gently massage in all over. Warming up the cream is the key to ensure it does not feel thick or heavy.

In the morning Synchro MUST be followed with a moisturising cream or SPF.

In the evening it can be used alone or it can be used after a Gernetic treatment cream. It can be followed with Cytobi, Nuclea and Cells Life.


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    3 Step Set Pack | Skin Vitality Starter Bag | Glyco 50ml, Fibro 50ml & Synchro 30ml
    3 Step Set Pack | Skin Vitality Starter Bag | Glyco 50ml, Fibro 50ml & Synchro 30ml

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Tanya Molnar

    3 Step Set Pack - Glyco 50ml, Fibro 50ml & Synchro 30ml

    Esther Kim

    I haven't been using the 3 steps just the syncro every night for the past few weeks. My skin (30y/0, skincare since teens,oily T, dry underneath) usually would have a few spots consistently throughout the month but I've seen a reduction. Overall tone is slightly more even and brighter. Syncro is def moisturising. But having said all this I can't be sure if it's entirely the syncro or because I've reduced the amount of products (toner plus, retinol every second day and a pha serum every other day), I was using at the same time. Also the fragrance is stronngg, wish they would remove it, part reason I was put off using Fibro. Syncro reminds me of La Mer's. At this point I'm not convinced that I would repurchase. Their marketing reminds me of Avon products...?

    Stand out skin trio

    An acquaintance introduced me to this Gernetics trio a little while ago. Wonderful! In four months my skin has improved significantly. It looks healthy and fresh, fine lines have diminished, and my skin is softer to the touch. I'm in my mid 50's and despite care and attention my skin was getting dull with increasing fine lines. This trio, particularly the Synchro, have made a real difference. And the bonus is that you need so little of the product.

    Eunjoo Chang

    Gernetic 3 STEP Set PACK- Glyco 50ml, Fibro 50ml & Synchro 30ml

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