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Fresh Face Bar Richmond

Ger Oxy 40ml

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Restore softness and freshness of your skin with this rich moisturizing cream, for a smooth and fresh complexion.


- Combats the damaging effects of pollution, urban lifestyle, environmental aggressors and fatigue.
- Activates microcirculation and boosts oxygenation in the cells.
- Helps the skin regain balance and freshness.

Suitable for

- All skins types.
- Skins that are lifeless, affected by pollution or lightly sensitive.
- Combination skins

How to use

Apply in the morning with light strokes in small quantities until completely absorbed. Ger Oxy can be applied to the whole face and eye and neck areas. Follow with makeup if desired. It can be used alone or applied over Synchro Cream.


- St John's Wort: antimicrobial, astringent and anti-inflammatory effects expedite healing in the skin. Improves micro circulation in the skin brightening and detoxifying.
- Camomile, yarrow, hop, marshmellow and sage: antioxidants to help fight free radical damage, calms and heals the skin from imbalances and boosts circulation.
- Active ingredients from fermentation bio-filtrates: activates fresh cell growth, boosts metabolism and cellular oxygenation and delays signs of ageing.
- Vitamins B1, B3, B6, B7 and Vitamin C: antioxidants to brightens and improve microcirculation.
- Sweet Almond Oil: rich in essential fatty acids to improve skin barrier and hydration.
- SPF 7: Sun filter.

    Ger Oxy 40ml
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