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Les Parfaits Concentre Reparateur Serum 17ml

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The Parfait Serum brings quintessential rejuvenation with its concentrate of active ingredients that are exceptionally regenerative, nutritive, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and anti-free radicals.

The Parfait Serum will promote genuine cellular repair, naturally rebuild the matrix in conjunctive tissues by improving fibroblast activity, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and the production of glycosaminoglycans.

The Parfait Serum will also enhance regeneration, nutrition, hydration and cellular stimulation. It is highly nutritive, remineralising and a strong anti-oxidant. 


    - restores the connective tissue matrix.
    - repairs cells.
    - protects, hydrates and nourishes skin.
    - can be used to correct a specific imbalance in the skin due to stress, tiredness or seasonal change.
    - anti ageing.
    - increases plumpness.
    - improves skin tone.
    - increases vitality and health of the skin.

    Suitable for

    The most advanced and powerful anti ageing line within Gernetic. With a silky smooth and light texture, it's perfect for all skins over 40+ years of age.

    Use if you're wanting:
    - powerful and concentrated active ingredients for extraordinary change and results in your skin.
    - to repair damage already visible on your skin.
    - to correct imbalances of colour and texture.
    - to reduce or reverse lines and wrinkles.
    - hydration and nutrition in your skin.
    - detoxification.
    - to help assist with peri-menopausal and menopausal skin changes.
    - to reduce redness, sensitivity and irritations.

    How to use

    Apply in the PM on cleansed skin before evening cream.


    - Birch sap extract (regarded since the 9th century as an elixir of health and long life), naturally rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements with astringent and toning properties.

    - Kigelia fruit extracts (rich in flavonoids and saponins) and bark of Quillaja (polysaccharides and saponins); A great active ingredient with tensor and firming actions, also acts on the smoothness and skin hydration.

    - Hydrolyzed marine peptide rich in taurine, an essential amino acid involved in many metabolic processes with stimulating and restorative properties.

    - Enzyme complex based on Thermus thermophiles which come from biotechnology with powerful anti-free radical properties (protection against lipoperoxidation membrane and DNA protection against damage induced by UV rays).

    -Spherulites of tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E esterified) anti-free radical soluble encapsulated for extended-release.

      Les Parfaits Concentre Reparateur Serum 17ml

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