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Fresh Face Bar Richmond

Coco & Camila Cleansing cloth

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This uniquely woven face Cleansing Cloth is the ultimate addition to your skin care regime. Whether you're an avid applier of various creams and cleansers, or someone who can't remember the last time they used a scrub, your skin will benefit from our Cleansing Cloth. 

Using just warm water, our Coco & Camila Cleansing Cloth removes all of your makeup (including mascara), exfoliates, unclogs pores and removes 99% of the bacteria from your skin. Our cloths are safe to use with eyelash extensions and you can be assured of a snag-free cleansing experience. 



- Removes dirt and makeup from your face using only warm water
- Ideal for sensitive skin types, or people who aren't avid skin care users
- Reusable, washable cloth, more environmentally friendly than disposable wipes
- Chemical free
- 2 x cloths per pack

Suitable for

perfect for those with sensitive skin, or for people who want a simple, chemical-free skin care regime that doesn't affect the ph balance of their skin.

How to use

Using gentle circular motions and warm water, your skin will feel smoother and clearer.


    Coco & Camila Cleansing cloth
    Coco & Camila Cleansing cloth
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