Ageing sucks - but lets prevent it!

Ageing sucks - but lets prevent it!

Once we hit our 20’s our skin cells take 28 days to turnover and the older we get, the slower this process becomes. By our 50’s - 60’s, it could even be an 8 week process! The faster the cells turnover, the more youthful we look so we want to make sure we’re using products that speed up the cell regeneration process and boost our collagen and elastin production! 

Our advice? Get into a good skincare routine in your 20’s to prevent ageing later in life.

What visual changes do we see on ageing skin?

  • Dryness and roughness
  • Dehydration
  • Dullness
  • Fine lines
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Wrinkles
  • Loss of tone
  • Loss of volume
  • Increased redness
  • Capillary damage

Lets talk COLLAGEN!

Think of collagen like the stuffing in your mattress. It gives your mattress structure. When you first purchase your new mattress it’s firm right? As years pass by, your mattress begins to loose its structure. It’s less firm and the layer between the mattress and the stuffing begins to wear and tear; you may even be able to feel a few springs digging into your back. As the skin ages, the overall production of collagen production slows right down. A woman in her 50’s produces 40% less collagen than she did in her twenties. We know, so unfair right!

Lets talk ELASTIN!

Think of elastin like an elastic band. It’s stretching ability is phenomenal and it’s able to bounce back to its original size like a champ. However over time it looses its durability and that once tight elastic band is loose. So loose it hardly even bounces back and one day may even snap. Elastin is a bit tougher than collagen, so we loose our elastin at a slower rate. The problem is our skin isn’t very good at making new elastin. C’mon skin, pick up your game!

Rewind the time with these ant-ageing miracle workers!

Myo Myoso

Lets get those facial muscles firm and tight with Myo Myoso! As we age, the volume of our facial muscles decrease and gravity kicks in. This causes the tautness in our skin to reduce, causing the dreaded face sag! The active ingredients in this wonder cream re-sculpture the oval of the face by bringing nutritional elements that are essential for tight skin muscles. Seal the deal with Synchro and thank us later! More about Myo Myoso here


Ready to repair mature skin? Enter Nucléa. Formulated to regenerate and repair the skin to work on toning and firming mature skin. This wonder cream reduces the depth of wrinkles and scars. Nuclea Cream is a velvety texture that leaves skin glowing with vitality. It’s suitable for all skin types in cases of premature ageing, deep wrinkles, dehydration, scars and stretch marks. Simply apply Synchro to your entire face and then apply Nuclea to your concern area and penetrate by gently massaging. More about Nuclea here


Last but not least, your #1 protection against ageing - SUNSCREEN! Don’t let those sneaky UV rays fool you…the sun doesn’t need to be shining to wreak havoc on our poor skin. Exposure to UV rays can cause free radical damage to our cells, slowly destroying them over time & breaking down our collagen and elastin. More about SPF's here